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Custom Design

Make Your Own Design Soccer Uniforms

Accept custom team name, player name, number, sponsor and more printing designs. Jersey and shorts made by 100% polyester, quick-drying wicking, good breathability.

Team Custom

We offer a variety of blank soccer uniforms that can be custom personalized printing and accept fully custom in depth.

Fast Delivery

Customization can be completed in 2 to 4 days. Worldwide fast express shipping, 5-8 days delivery to your door.

High Quality

The jersey and shorts are made of 100% polyester for high quality, the fabric is quick-drying, sweat-wicking and breathable.

Make Your Own Design Jersey


Fully Custom Soccer Jerseys

We offer full customization in depth: provide team logos, color requirements, and design elements. Our professional famous designers will design the best custom soccer jerseys for you.

What is a full sublimation custom soccer jersey?

Full sublimation custom is a manufacturing process that incorporates the entire design of the jersey directly into the fabric. Everything from the colour, stripes, logos, numbers, player names and sponsors of the jersey becomes part of the fabric.

Sublimation custom soccer jerseys are created on a graphic design application. Next, print the design on paper designed for thermal transfer using a large format printer. The printed design is then pressed onto the fabric under high temperature and pressure. Heat and pressure turn the design into a gas, which then binds to the molecules on the fabric. Finally, the fabric panels are sewn together to create the finished jersey.

Full sublimation jerseys are more valuable than screen-printed jerseys

When a jersey is “sublimated,” its design, logo, numbers, player names and sponsors won’t fade, crack or fray because they’re infused directly into the fabric. Full sublimation custom soccer jerseys are different from screen printed or embroidered jerseys. On this jersey, logos etc. are located on the surface of the fabric. Design elements may fade over time, but will not wear out or come off. Over the course of multiple seasons, full sublimation jerseys increase durability and save on usage costs.

Generally, the number of design elements with sublimation jerseys has little effect on the price. In other words, the more design elements on a jersey, the more money you save compared to a screen-printed jersey. Order SOCCERBOB full sublimation custom soccer jerseys – one full price that includes everything: multiple logos, numbers, player names and more, everything a team wants. This means teams can add designs such as sponsor logos, additional information, armbands and more without increasing the cost of the jersey. A particular advantage for teams is more sponsorship opportunities without incurring additional printing costs.

The full sublimation jersey is more interesting

On screen printed or embroidered jerseys, every extra print on the jersey always adds to the cost. For example, if you want to add player names or sponsor logos, the cost will increase.

Full sublimation is more comfortable than traditional jerseys. The fabric remains beautiful and smooth because the print is inside the fabric. Therefore, people only feel the fabric and not the print. It’s much better than feeling dry ink like a logo on a silkscreened jersey.

Full sublimation jerseys feel lighter than jerseys with embroidered or stitched prints. For sports where lighter weight uniforms mean better performance, sublimation is the best choice.

The sublimation custom jersey is full colour

The design of full sublimation custom soccer jerseys is more complex than traditional jerseys because they are designed digitally. Sublimation jerseys can have pinstripes, gradients, textures, camouflage patterns, and more. There are many more color options. Colors such as dazzling, lime green, fuchsia and diamond blue are standard colors for sublimation, but are rarely seen in traditional jerseys.

Another significant advantage of the sublimation jersey is that the logo is printed in full color. However, on a screen-printed jersey, each additional color to the logo costs more. This also applies to player numbers and names. In SOCCERBOB, there is no limit to the color of the logo. Our designers will provide color schemes at no additional cost.

Due to all these advantages, full sublimation jerseys are becoming more and more popular. Teams that want both high-quality jerseys and great value should definitely seriously consider sublimation custom soccer jerseys.